Welcome to the Seeing Injustice Exhibit

This exhibit is the result of a photo-dialouge project, Seeing Structural Injustice, convened by Elizabeth Drexler with the support of a Provost Undergraduate Research Initiative award from Michigan State University. Undergraduate student Isabel P. Hershey provided invaluable research assistance, especially with recruiting photographer-participants and creating this website. The images were created in the spring of 2021 midst the COVID 19 pandemic and remote learning. This project sought to create moments of shared discussion and community for students during an isolating period. Each session was a unique group of participants. Photographs, artwork, and modifications of other photographs were created in response to the prompt, “What does injustice look like in my community”. Photographers had the option of being identified by name or submitting photographs anonymously. The Visual Anthropology Review article Seeing Gaslighting: Photo-dialogues and Structural Injustice analyzes one session in detail.