Breaking Stereotypes:
It is important for people to understand that anyone whether they’re Hispanic/Latin(x), Asian or Black, we have an equal opportunity to earn an education regardless of what others may say. Being seen as a “threat” in this country allowed me to work twice as hard as any other student that does not face racial/gender challenges I did to be someone.
Identity: Regardless the two observations were correct, there is so much more than me being a woman of color. it is easy to make rude assumptions of a person when they don’t realize the challenges one faced to get to where they are. For example, as a minority at a pwi (less than 10% of students
identity as Hispanic/Latin(x)) one may question my acceptance. As a first-generation college student and a former migrant worker, I had to stress myself to be able to receive the best education I can receive and that meant stepping out of my comfort zone.

Culture Appreciation Appropriation: Any traditional cultural practice should be respected and not be fun of. Mexico does not just dance funny and sing loud for no reason, these forms allows me to keep connected with my roots and embrace these Mexican traditions, and not just eat at a Taco-bell or Chipotle when craving “Mexican” food. There is so much more than just food within different cultures, and it is important for others to understand those traditions that have been passed down for years.