2021 Sucks: This was taken in an area littered with abandoned buildings and graffiti, as well as trash and broken bottles. It describes well what many of us have been feeling this year.
Black Lives Matter: I protested in Grand Rapids for the defunding of the police, and am pictured with the “lives not property” sign. Police were blocking off the road to their station.
Demilitarize the Police
Expensive Hobbies
Humor in Marketing: A coffee shop had this sign outside on their sidewalk.
Perry Hotel: Petoskey survives on tourism, mostly in the summer, and this is one of our most expensive hotels to stay at. Like many stores and hotels in Petoskey, locals can’t afford to visit but tourists flock there.
Tom Dicks: This corner store sits on my block, and is the only walkable place with affordable groceries. They mainly sell processed food, beer and liquor, but for many is the main source of meals.