Profit: Profit depicts a hen in a cage to show the commodification of live animals for financial gain. The
argument of this photo is to illustrate how in nature there’s a natural hierarchy of the food
chain, but thinking deeper into the issue reveals that even within our own society comes
epitomizing and hierarchical structure.
World on Fire: World on Fire was taken in Napa Valley during the time when the California fires were just
taking off. Even in the early stages of the fires, you can see how much smoke clouded the air as
you could look directly at the sun. A lot of topics behind the fires include environmental
injustices surrounding the degradation and invalidation of climate change from those who are
ultimately unmoved by its affects. But while people lost their lives, their homes, and their
families, people of power only address the surface level issue; put out the fire.
Newspaper: I love Black culture and how deep-rooted it is in the Black community. However, it often astonishes me that the culture Black people work so hard to learn about has become popularized in the media and taken for granted. This photo features the headline of a vice article written by Ruby Pivet.
TSWSTP: This photo features environmental injustice. While this Adidas shoe is made out of recycled materials it begs the question when will other companies start to care about the planet? Because one shoe won’t save the planet but companies taking large steps towards slowing the production of fast fashion will limit the environmental injustices that we are currently facing.
W.Gap: The wage gap featured in this picture not only represents gender injustice but also represents racial injustice. For every dollar, a white man makes a Black woman makes 62 cents.