Photo #2: A picture of a gay pride flag with a Jewish star being held in front of the Lansing Capitol building. Both communities have faced a number of injustices and to be able to be open about these identities is quite significant.
Use: Use shows someone holding their body with three hands. This speaks to the use of bodies for another’s pleasure. The three hands are to symbolize the two different forms of yourself trying to cope; one set of hands belongs to one aspect of yourself while the other belongs to another, but both are held within the same body and consciousness that experienced the same involvement.
Photo #4: An informative picture about LGBTQ+ youth with an inspirational message. This photo shows people that they are not alone and there’s nothing shameful with the way they identify.
Confusion: The washed away face of rapid thought in continuous motion. The beginning of a set of photos that follow the phases of coming out and the injustice of sexual identity suppression.
Contemplation 2: Lost in a war of the mind. Not knowing where to turn or who to go to, the model rests on her own knee.
Hiding: As one struggles to grapple with their own identity, they find themselves hiding from the world. Putting on a smile and a brave face to appease the inner torment.
Because of the internal struggle of coming to terms with sexual identity, one can begin to lose sight of themselves.
Developing Feelings: The beginning of falling in love.
Lost in Lust: Feelings takeover. Love is stronger than the fear and it begins to truly shine through.
Coming Out: Beginning of coming out.
Coming Out 2: Self realization. Allowing the words to first escape.
Coming Out 3: Finally breaking the chains. Letting the bisexual identity be revealed for the first time.
Depression: A lack of acceptance.
Depression 2: Fear. The voices of naysayers and opposers begin to occupy the mind.
Depression 3: Loss of faith. Eventually, here, the fear wins and depression takes over. This is an ode to the lack of mental health available for youth in the LGBTQ+ community.
Supressed: The take over of society. Society rears its ugly head and pulls the model back into the closet.
Silenced: Her identity is now suffocated by the grips of society.