Contemplation: The wandering mind of an individual conflicted with thoughts of romance.
A.Diaspora: This photo story features a sack of textbooks explain the robbery of indigenous Africans land and the robbery of their identities. It is an injustice because the robbery of one’s identity leads to a lack of purpose in oneself.
Pride at the Capitol: A picture of a gay pride flag being held up in front of the Lansing Capitol building. This photo is a reminder that injustice is still a relevant issue, but it holds no home here.
Photo #3: A picture of the now Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, at the 2019 San Francisco Pride event. This photo shows that fighting for human rights is more important than catering to those who uphold prejudices.
Photo #5: A picture of a sentence written in chalk at a pride event. The message behind these words is that the time and energy spent on hate is offensive and should not continue.
Wire: This photo is a representation of shoes hung on power lines often in neighborhoods largely populated by African Americans. Throwing shoes over power lines often results in children who are shoeless and parents who struggle to get the money to buy another pair. There is no reason why an American should not have enough money to pay their bills let alone get their child a new pair of shoes.

Gentrify: Gentrify is a series of photos of white paint spreading on a black canvas. This series is to show
the excessive redevelopment of black neighborhoods by white people, leaving less and less
room for black people and more room for white people. This illustrates the disproportionate
advantages and prioritization of economic development in favor of one identity over another.