Text Language: This photo works in conjunction with the Ferguson Street Blight Series. It shows how things like a street mural and a black square do little to dismantle systemic injustice. This image serves as an argument; solving issues of education inequality will actually have impact.; Allyssa Harris
Photo 3: Show Me Your Tits!
Anti-Homeless Architecture: This is a photo of a bench in a Cata bus stop. Benches like this, which can be found around campus and downtown East Lansing, are designed to block homeless/houseless people from sleeping. This style of architecture is subtle, but harmful and inhumane.
impeach trump; Lillian Young
Casual Misogyny: This graffiti can be found under the bridge that goes over the Red Cedar between Spartan Stadium and the Main Library. There has been recent attempts to wash the paint away, but the uncensored words “big anime girl t*tties” have been completely visible in one of the highest traffic walking paths on campus. The intention was clearly a joke, but the casual objectification and sexualization of women’s bodies like this only serves to exacerbate violence against women.
Trump Trailer: This photo was taken while a basketball game was being played at the Breslin Center. The trailer was in town to support a College Republicans conference. The trailer looped around the Breslin Center and played “YMCA” by The Village People on repeat. The polica manning crosswalk waved at the driver.
Womens March 2020: The first Women’s March took place the day after Trump’s Inauguration in 2017. The weather was wet, cold, windy, and overcast. While many people were there in support, there were others on the outskirts of the gathering with misogynist and oppressive signs, yelling misogynist and oppressive things.
Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 10.19.25 PM; Lillian Young