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Blue Lives Flag: I live in the same neighborhood as this home. I spoke with the family in the past about the flag, and they said Blue Lives Matter is not oppressive but Black Lives Matter is divisive.
Flag MAGA: This photo was taken two months after Trump left office. The people flying this flag likely equate patriotism with supporting Trump.
President Hannah: This statue commemorating University President John Hannah stands outside the Hannah Administration Building, it praises his contribution to growing MSU’s notoriety and influence. What these memorials dedicated to John Hannah fail to recognize is his participation in America’s anti-communist Cold War imperialist endevors. His work as president from 1942-1969, brought MSU faculty to Vietnam to assist the Southern authoritarian regime and worked in tandem with the CIA. Hannah spearheaded similar efforts to expand Michigan State’s influence in Nigeria.
Trump 2020 Flag: This photo was taken two months after Biden was sworn in as president, and over four months after Trump lost the election.
White Girl Tears have power; Lillian Young
F Biden 2 Trucks: This photo was taken two months after President Biden was sworn into office. The trucks floored it once the light turned green. These flags are far-right propaganda.
MSU Historical Markers: The historical markers located in Morrill Plaza on campus boast the story of MSU’s founding as Michigan’s first land grant college. The markers completely omit the fact that the land granted to the university by the federal government is stolen Native land. They do, however, include the gendered segregation of classes and limited admittance of women into the university, using language that implies that forcing women to take “domestic economy” courses should be worthy of praise.
kkk; Lillian Young
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